Have you ever experienced troubles when you trying to watch Flash videos on iDevices: iPhone, iPad or iPod? Have you ever wanted an application solving that problem? You are at the right place. And above all, it's free.

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See iOSFlashVideo in action:

Demo video is coming soon.

Until then you can watch the demo video created by Greek-iPhone.com:

How can I try it?

First you have to install OPlayer or OPlayer Lite from App Store to your iOS device.

Please notice: OPlayer is required to watch embedded videos provided by MegaVideo.com!

Follow these steps:

It is important to consider that you have to do all of the steps described above only once. After that you can enjoy your videos by tapping to bookmark of iOSFlashVideo.

Step-by-step video tutorial is coming soon!

To see iOSFlashVideo in action please visit our Demo page. Should you experience any trouble please don't hesitate to contact us.

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